A ransomware spreads on Mac

Mac Generation indeed spotted a pretty deceitful ransomware which seems to affect a large number of Apple users. 

Several cases are emerging lately from the Apple support forum. These testimonies, concerning Mac but also of the iPhone and iPad, reported a ransom demand to regain the use of his camera. To unlock it, must enter a four digit code to obtain from an e-mail address that looks like an official email from Apple, but who is not. Wanting to Apple mail is sent to users, asking them their code iCloud. If the user types the code, the hacker then takes control of the data. Then, the hacker asks fifty dollars to unlock your data. $ 50 payable in bitcoins. If you do not know how, a tutorial is even offered in the mail.

  Of course, it is strongly recommended to pay the requested sum. The pirate is indeed no interest to unlock your machine once the money in his pocket. Worse, he has no reason to not ask you for more money. Must therefore not proceed to checkout. According to Mac Generation, is a solution to the unfortunate user. To do this, simply go to an Apple Store with the Mac in question and the receipt. Apple has all the means to unlock your Mac. The data are indeed not corrupted, only access is blocked.

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