25% of the sites on the Internet are under WordPress

This figure is very impressive. 25% of Internet sites in the world are made with the WordPress CMS. It is indeed a W3Techs study says. To get to result, W3Techs a scanner 10 millions of websites on the Web.

Handmade is not yet dead

However, the sites Internet "handmade" are still majority. Indeed, the study asserts that 57.4% active websites are made without CMS. Good news for purists of the "home made" development. Joomla when it represents only 2.8 percent of the modern Internet. Through this modest score, it fits all similarly in the second position of the most used CMS.

A worthy place

  He must admit, WordPress deserves its place as leader of the CMS. Indeed, while meeting many worries of piracy, the CMS editor knew react quickly and improve the security and performance of the tool. Of course, popularity always placed in first list of most pirated Internet sites, but it's quite logical. More a tool is used, more he interested the attackers.

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