A virus on chromium

This extension, called 'Chrome Hotword Shared Module', integrates with the microphone to encourage the use of speech recognition in the browser; to listen to the conversations of users without their knowledge. The extension would do this by adding Chromium the famous 'OK Google' feature in mobile applications. The announcement of this operation was made by the Yoshino Yoshihito user on the mailing list of the Debian project. According to the Linux community, the source code of this module they has not been reached while the continuous module to make important changes on the Chromium browser, requires activating the microphone of the user without any permission. It should be noted that users of Chromium, concerned about the security of their data had already started to react against the download and the silent installation of this extension. Faced with this problem, Google responded that this module or extension can work only if the user proceeds to the activation of the feature 'OK Google' to launch voice search. The founder of the Pirate Party in response to Google's response, Swedish Rick Falkvinge says that Google is still able to listen to the conversations. According to him, the oversight function continues to be functional and the microphone remains open. Today, it was announced that Debian has deleted the program from his version of Chromium. Moreover, Google would have opted for an easier solution by deciding to remove the binary file from the version 45 of Chromium. Chromium is available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

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