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The strong points of Linux systems

  • Linux can run for years without being restarted. It has no registry to become fragmented, it has absolutely no corporate bloatware, and no debilitating memory management issues.
  • Linux can update almost any software on the machine, including patches and minor OS version updates, without shutting the machine down or restarting it.
  • Linux can be trusted in devices that run with little to no maintenance or supervision, such as satellites. (not Mars rovers though, we actually write specialized kernels for those.)
  • Linux can be trusted. It doesn’t play games with you, force you to update, patch, restart, or do anything mandatory, ever. You are in complete control.
  • Linux can be proven secure from invasions of privacy. It can be proven to be completely free of back doors and trackers – because the entire development process takes place in the open, scrutinized by thousands. With each release, people can, and do, view all of the changes, and the functioning of the OS as a whole. (note: This is also why Firefox is better for your privacy than a closed-source browser like Chrome)
  • Linux can scale. It runs on over 99% of the top 500 supercomputers in the world.
  • Linux can be tinkered with, explored, modified, rewritten, and redistributed with extreme ease, under a share-alike license that anyone can understand. No law degree required, no mess, no contracts, no strings, no kidding.
  • Linux can be adapted for new purposes by corporations as easily as by you. It runs your TV, your DVR, your router, your cell tower, your trains, your planes, air traffic control, probably most of the electrical grid, the servers for almost every website you’ve ever visited, and so much more. It can be used anywhere because it is free-as-in-freedom, extremely reliable and predictable, and costs nothing.

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